Registration Opens January 3rd at 9am and Closes on January 5th at 5pm.
• Team of 3 required to participate (min. 1 non-member)
$500 prize to the Biggest Overall Loser
• Contest runs January 11 to March 13

• $179.99* per person (Team of 3 required to participate in challenge)


• 4 REV workouts per week
• Unlimited use of main gym
• 5 Group Fitness Classes


• $3000.00 to the team with the greatest overall net difference in body composition during

• Awards for 2nd and 3rd place teams
• $500.00 to Biggest Overall Loser
• All finishers names will be placed into a draw for prizes


• Three (3) people per team; must include at least one (1) non-member (no obligation to join).
• A team may consist of 3 non-members.
• Schedule of events: Registration: January 3rd – January 5th
   Information Seminar: January 9th at 7:00pm
   Initial Weigh In: January 11th & January 13th
   Workouts Commence: January 15th – March 9th
   First Weigh In: February 5th – 9th
   Second Weigh In: February 26th – March 2nd
   Final Weigh In: March 10th & March 13th
   Awards: March 20th at 7:00pm
• All contestants must complete a registration form and sign a waiver.
• Members and non-members are encouraged to complete a minimum of 4 REV workouts
   weekly (32 REV Workouts total) during the contest. A combination of Strength and
   cardiovascular training which you get from REV are recommended to achieve maximal
• To win the cash prizes, you must complete a minimum of 2 REV classes per week (16 total).
• 4 Mandatory Team weigh-ins. If any team member fails to weigh-in prior to the required
   dates the team will be disqualified. (It is the responsibility of the team, not Headwaters
   Racquet Club, to ensure each member of the team weighs in on time.)
• A minimum of 10 teams must participate in order to run the contest. A full refund will be
   given to each participant if the minimum requirements are not met.
• No refunds will be issued after registration fee is paid, with the exception of the minimum
   requirements not being met.
• Remember this is only 8 weeks of your life, give it your all and don’t let your team down.

• Your team is judged on the net difference in body composition. For example, if you lose 10
   pounds of fat and gain 2 pounds of muscle mass your net difference is 12lbs. However if
   you lose 10 pounds of fat and you also lose 2 pounds of muscle mass your net difference
   is 8 lbs. Muscle loss counts against fat loss. This prevents people from starvation dieting
   and encourages exercise. We will be using our Inbody professional body composition
   analyzer to ensure accuracy.


• Registration opens on January 3rd at 9am and will close at on January 5th at 5pm.
   Registration is available by phone or drop in. On January 5th at 5pm, if there are more
   teams than spaces, all teams will be put into a draw and successful teams will be picked
   at random. All teams (whether successful or not) will receive an email on the evening of
   January 5th. The successful teams will have until 3pm on Sunday January 7th to come in
   and complete registration (paperwork and payment). If all three team members are not
   fully registered with paperwork and payment complete by 3pm on January 7th, the team
   will lose its spot in the challenge. In this case, all registered team members will be
   refunded and the spot will be released to another team.

*plus applicable tax
Click the link for our printable version of the Contest Rules.